KIDS AND FOOD! What are we doing to them??

WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR KIDS?? (just thinking out loud)

So–“food for thought”–maybe we should try harder to say “penny for your thoughts”    Listening to moms and dads in my office…their children are acting up a bit, and the typical parental bribery interaction begins:

“If you’re good, we’ll stop at McDonalds on the way home”

“If you behave, you can get some candy”

“If you sit there quietly, you can get pizza and icecream for lunch”

Everything we do involves FOOD as a REWARD!  Birthdays–CAKE    Weddings–CAKE   Funerals–casseroles  Showers–CAKE!!

Heck, If I have a bad day–I CONSOLE myself with food–and if I have a GOOD day, I REWARD myself with food!

We need to break this cycle—

I suggest..

“If you’re good, we’ll go play on the swings”  (paint a picture, plant some flowers, go for a bike ride, go swimming, read a book, do a puzzle, ……..)”  Anything but linking reward to food!!

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Oh and stop with the “If you eat all your peas, you can get your dessert”  It makes peas like a punishment one must choke down, in order to get a bit of pudding!

We grew up with “CLEAN YOUR PLATE–there are children starving in Africa”.  I remember telling mom they could have the rest of my supper–I was full!

Put money, or little toys, or promise notes (a day at the park, a new book, etc.  in the Easter Eggs.  Pass out gizmos at Halloween.

Pass out gizmos at Halloween.  Ah–  heck with that !!! HALLOWEEN IS ALL ABOUT THE CANDY!!!   I just get Peanut butter candy—I HATE peanut butter candy–so won’t be tempted to eat it (it will rot first).  Leave the basket out when you are done, turn off the light–some teenager will clean up for you!  NO CANDY COMES BACK IN THE HOUSE!   It wouldn’t hurt to pass out spinners or small toys though!

For adults—“If I don’t eat anything I shouldn’t be eating today, I will treat myself to a something at Frenchy’s” or “If I lose 2 pounds this week, I will put a few dollars toward that gadget I want” or “I’ll get myself some really nice yarn”—This is bad though—I have a yarn stash of $25+ Alpaca skeins that will take more than my expected life span to knit up!  Yarn hoarder???   Maaaaaybe??

The point is—think of NON FOOD REWARDS, and if you are sad–talk to a friend, go for a walk. go to the gym and lift weights until you are beat to a snot—and don’t teach the next generation to worship food, or to think it is the answer to life’s ups and downs.

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    Hi, Just wondering if you could write a little on miscarriage. Any information would be greatly appreciated:)

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      what did you think –was there something in particular you were looking for??

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