Vaccinations–I am SO FOR them–so forewarned before reading!

Another flu season upon us and, again, i will spend many hours talking with people about getting vaccinated.  I am pretty passionate about vaccinations–because I have seen the DEATHS–yes–the DEATHS that occur from illnesses, for which there are vaccines.

I think that just to ask somebody whether or not they wish to have a “flu shot” or a “whooping cough shot” or whether they want to vaccinate their children, needs to go a WHOLE lot further that simply accepting and recording that the “patient declined”

INFORMED?   Not yet?   I take the time to INFORM my patients of the potential risk of DEATH if they were to contract the illness.  I talk in general about the history of epidemics, home and worldwide—and tell them about the THREE young women I knew who DIED the first time they got the flu, about the kids who died when I was a child before the availability of the polio vaccine.

One pregnant woman was literally in the hospital working, when she suddenly developed shaking chills and said that she felt like she was ‘hit by a Mack truck’—within MINUTES she was rapidly screened and found positive for flu.  She was given –all within 30 minutes of onset of symptoms—Tamiflu–the usual instructions—go home,  drink plenty of fluids, and come back if you have any trouble breathing, or feel worse—the same information that is given to tens of thousands of people who come to the ER with the flu every single year–costing the country BILLIONS of dollars in healthcare.

EMS was called to her home 6 hours later—she had to be intubated (tube down the windpipe), while racing to the hospital—-and despite being sent by helicopter to a HUGE, well renowned, hospital, she was SO ill that they barely managed to get the baby out of her before she DIED.


Another young lady (only 22)—that is something else that drives me nuts–people think that the flu only kills of the “old” or the “ill”—WRONG WRONG WRONG!   It has killed MILLIONS of HEALTHY YOUNG ADULTS AND CHILDREN!  Anyway –this young lady was the daughter of a pediatrician I worked with.   He had other daughters–but this young lady was away at college–and there happened to be a vaccine shortage that year–same year as the pregnant lady by the way.   She called him to say that she was unable to get vaccinated–she had tried college clinic, and private clinic–but no vaccine.   Her dad reassured her that he had one in the fridge for her–and that she could get it when she got home in 10 days–after exams–just use sanitizer, and stay away from anybody sick, and she could get the shot when she came home for XMAS break.  It’s almost like she had a premonition!  This girl had no health issues!

She also had a 2 year old daughter.

SHE WAS BURIED DURING XMAS BREAK!—Got the flu—killed her.

Here is one of the newspaper coverage:


I could go on–there are so many deaths—-but I ask you, “How many people do you know personally who have died form getting the vaccine–or any vaccine?”

All I see on the news is the flu deaths each year.

2018 headlines:

two children in same school die from flu–parents suddenly scramble to get their children vaccinated

What does a parent need to know about he difference between a cold and the flu?

This blog by a physician mom who lost her little boy to the flu drove me to write this post:                Healthy toddler dies from the flu.

So–why the fear of vaccinations?

We are at a time in history where information is circulated by social media–faster that studies can be done to see if the things being said are actually true.

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of people receive vaccines each year.   Just by that vast number–you are going to get some deaths occurring around the time of vaccination–but is it actually because of vaccination?

This link will show you a study of deaths around the time of vaccination–and it is pretty RARE for vaccine to be cause.

It is VERY understandable that if someone dies shortly after receiving a vaccine, that loved ones would blame the vaccine.

Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a number where ANYBODY can call, and report what they believe to be a reaction to a drug or vaccine.  The fact that somebody says that, according to VAERS,  10,000 people called into report that (as a crazy example), an arm fell off after getting a vaccine (just an example folks!–it doesn’t happen), does not mean that it is TRUE!   Again,  ANYBODY can call in and report something that they feel may be related to a drug or vaccine.   Researchers THEN have to see if there IS actually something to the calls.
Have there been injuries/deaths CAUSED by vaccinations?    YES!
You can get fainting, and head injury (even tough guys faint with needles), rare cases of meningitis, neurological issues, and infection –amongst other RARE reactions that have caused death.
There was –in 1955–a disaster that happened because the SALK polio vaccine, that had just been discovered was actually supposed to be DEAD virus–but somehow–due to human error—LIVE polio was injected to tens of thousands of people!   Over 40 THOUSAND people got polio –51 were left crippled and five DIED.  Among those who came in contact with the infected person–but who had not been vaccinated–there were also 5 deaths–and 113 people left paralyzed.   The paralysis occurred in the limb that was injected.
Many many changes were started because of this–to improve safety.
Are more deaths caused by the disease that the vaccination is trying to prevent?    YES!
Many studies have been done to see if there is any link of vaccines to death.   One huge study was done by NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF HEALTH.
They looked at causes of death in over 13 MILLION vaccinated people.  What did they find?   They found that the mortality rate was LOWER in the vaccinated group during the 60 days after vaccination–and compared to unvaccinated people–the reasons are death were similar–heart disease stoke, cancer etc.
The rates of death from the top four causes of death were highest in the over 85 years of age—go figure eh?
I think everyone has heard of World War 1 right?
50 million died in that war—one third of all military and civilians died from famine or disease.  While that war was happening, the FLU PANDEMIC OF 1918 (click on the blue to read), hit–and killed between 50-100 million people around the world!   Half of those who died were YOUNG , HEALTHY adults.
So–when you make your decision –make it after reading about the facts.  I hear people say they will take the “flu pill” if they get the flu–didn’t help that young pregnant woman one bit.   Just remember–the FIRST time you get the flu can kill you.
Also if you think you have the flu, and are still home and alive 48 hours later–then odds are you WILL live–even though you may feel like you are dying!
Oh–and if you have the flu–for goodness sake—STAY HOME!!!   You actually don’t need to pop out for gas–and put your virus all over the gas pump,  you don’t need to pop to the grocery store–get someone to pop your  groceries on your doorstep, and have them get away before you come out–and you actually don’t have to go to the doctor–you can call and get help over the phone–unless you feel you really are dying–and remember to bring hand sanitizer with you to open the hospital doors, and wear a mask!
I am one who thinks that people who don’t WANT to be immunized—I am NOT talking about the ones who should NOT be immunized because of some medical problem–but those who just don’t believe in vaccinations–that these people should think about home schooling, and stop going to Disney World etc.  I really think that if you don’t want to participate in HERD IMMUNITY (we vaccinate the vast majority, so those who are unable to be vaccinated are also protected), then maybe you shouldn’t particulate in ‘herd activities’–your choice certainly, but shouldn’t the children who are unable to be vaccinated be protected from your children?
 I am getting the popcorn now—and sitting back—FIREWORKS EXPECTED
The funny thing now is that when I ask someone under 30 if they have heard of polio, I am usually met with a shake of the head.   “Isn’t that GREAT!”, I say—“You have never heard of a disease, one that I was in the age of quarantines and kids dying–and why haven’t you heard of it?   An effective vaccine was discovered”
By the way, in case you think “BIG PHARMA”  discovered it–NOPE–the doctor who worked tirelessly in his little lab and finally discovered the way to vaccinate–get this now—DONATED HIS FINDING TO ALL MANKIND!!!   FOR FREE!!!!!!!    Selfish bastard!!    So quit with the big Pharma nonsense—smallpox vaccine wasn’t found by big Pharma either—it was found by one man (well one got most of the credit–Jenner).  He noticed that milk maids didn’t get smallpox if they had already got cowpox–and he used the fluid from the cowpox, and scratched it into arms–and people were then immune to smallpox!
Smallpox is now considered eradicated!   WIPED OUT by vaccination.
When I was in elementary school, i remember us all staying home from school–we thought that was great—but we weren’t allowed to play with our friends—and we didn’t have X-Box or internet back then either–or home phones….
Why?   Because in Coventry, England–there had been polio outbreak the year I was born  COVENTRY POLIO EPIDEMIC 1956, and the battle was continuing.
We moved to Coventry in 1959, from Canada–and STILL the vaccine was in short supply.  My youngest brother had not been born yet.
One day, a knock came at the door (we couldn’t call each other then), and a woman was at the door, and said “It’s here!”  I remember a sense of urgency with Mom getting us dressed, and putting my sister and I on each side of the stroller, and saying, “Don’t let go”–and us running down the street to the school where we saw –in my mind–mountains of sugar cubes (the vaccine was in the sugar cube.
They had to watch us that we didn’t sneak over to get another cube!  Heck, it looks like i was addicted to sugar even back then!!
My mother was a teacher in Newfoundland in 1953 when the polio epidemic hit Canada.  She remembers a boy in her classroom getting polio–he lived–with one leg quite withered.
About  11,000 people in Canada were left paralyzed by polio between 1949 and 1954. The disease got the most people in 1953 with nearly 9,000 cases and 500 deaths.  It was considered the most serious national epidemic since the 1918 influenza pandemic. The last major polio epidemic in Canada occurred in 1959, with nearly 2,000 paralytic cases.
Salk polio vaccine was introduced in 1955, and the Sabin oral vaccine was introduced in 1962.    Polio became under control in the early 1970s in North America–and Canada was certified “polio free” in 1994.
Now—have you heard of IRON LUNGS—not if you were born after 1994 I bet.
Polio often left its victims with withered legs and arms–typically legs.
I volunteered, as a student nurse, at THE HUB (now a catering company), in St. John’s.  Most of the people the place served were young like me–and most were polio victims–left with withered limbs–and in need of assistance.  They would be in their 50s and 60s now.
Polio is still a problem for other countries!
Some polio victims had weakened breathing muscles, and had to be place in a machine to help with breathing.  Because there were THOUSANDS of people affected, IRON LUNG WARDS-were commonplace

The people affected to this degree are my age today, and STILL spend many hours a day in their iron lung machine!   Can you even imagine!


I do write on this in my pregnancy and prenatal post–but it is real–this news-clip from Moncton, Canada–the year I arrived in Amherst.   At that time, women in Nova Scotia (30 miles away from Moncton), were not being vaccinated in pregnancy—-now they are– with EACH pregnancy.


You get the gist—I am very much in favour of vaccinations–and most people I talk to will get it—if they don’t, they certainly can’t say they didn’t know what could happen!


Oh–and you young folks out there—-even YOU must know of BILL GATES ? 

Like the RICHEST man in the world?

Invented modern computer software?




Did you know he is donating his BILLIONS of dollars back to mankind in various ways?–and two of his BIGGEST donations are VACCINATIONS and birth control.  Click on link to hear Bill Gates–very proud that polio is on verge of wipeout in Sub Sarhara Africa.

Bill and Melinda Gates talk about vaccinations.


In case you couldn’t tell by my “language”, I am a Newfoundlander.  Did you know that Newfoundland was the FIRST place in the New World to introduce smallpox vaccine–in Trinity , Newfoundland–administered by Dr. John Clinch–a medical colleague of Jenner (who, although he didn’t discover the means of vaccination–was the first to widely publish his findings, and bring about worldwide vaccinations).

OK—vent over…….love to hear your comments–and be civil!


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