Weight Loss Pt. 3 – Exercise and Bonking

You naughty girl–see the word BONK, and this is a gynecology site–get your mind out of the gutter!   A friend told me that I BONKED!  What the heck?  Gotta read about this now!

I finally, I think, hit my first BONK.  TOTAL.  UTTER.  EXHAUSTION.

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I have a 10K run this coming weekend, and tried three times to get a 10K in over the last weekend, but was called back to work urgently while I was running, and had less than 2 K in.

Yesterday, there were no deliveries–nobody in labor —- BLISS!!


I started the day with 55 minutes of weights in the gym at 5:30, then I swam laps for 55 mins.  I ate a decent breakfast–working in the protein–about 450 calories.   Finished my clinic early–so I thought I’ll go for a run.   I ate a lunch of tuna and bread and plain yogurt(higher in protein than the delicious vanilla yogurt–and less sugar than the delicious vanilla yogurt), with fruit–and at 3:30–headed to the park to run.

I started off, and my first km was under 5:28 mins, so now I am thinking,  “Could I break the 1 hour mark for 10K”.

I did   55 mins 15 secs.

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Race home to change (drank water in the car)–ABs class is at 5:30–just made it — quick drink of water.  Do the abs class, with the end being a three minute plank—hmmmpp   I did 1:30 rested for 30 then 1 minute–my arms shaking more than usual!

Finish at 6:15—great  a chance to drink water!   I DIDN’T EAT!!   MISTAKE!!!   I felt hungry!

POUND CLASS   6:30-7:15–and you know that POUND is an energetic class.   Sit down at 7:20–WATER!!!!

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Now, I have to meet my trainer for an hour of weights.  He said that I looked worn out—but I felt OK so off we go.

I’m half way though my sets on upright rows–I seem to be OK but, on finishing the second set,  I literally had to stop, and just say–“I’m done!’  I felt I had to get out of the gym RIGHT NOW!   I had trouble lifting my arms up and didn’t know if I could stand!

I have never stopped workout before–but I thought “I’m shaking, I might throw up–or pass out, my ears are ringing, my legs feel like lead”   I think I might just burst into tears!   Not doing THAT again!  I had some trouble walking to the car!   I had to rest in the car for about 10 minutes before I felt I could drive the 3 minutes to my house.  I was freezing.  Nuked some soup,  and huddled under electric blanket.  It took about 45 minutes for me to feel warm.

I woke up at 5:20 AM–have to meet friends in the gym–don’t want to go!!   BUT  I dragged my backside out of bed–head to the gym, but have already decided I am not working out–I will keep them company, but my body is obviously telling me to rest!

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So–a peaceful crossword puzzle, breakfast with a friend–so civilized!!!  And my trainer has told me not come in today, and rest for a couple of days–and no argument from me–I give!

10K RUN for Literacy this weekend!   I’m ready!  Just need to remember FUEL!

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